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World War. The Moody Blues were certainly fans of football but they blatantly forgot how to spell the citys name. In 1066, Baldwin V, Count of Flanders ceded the local buildings and territories to the estate of the Church of Saint-Pierre in Lille. Display Name, this is the name that will be visually displayed on GenoPro. Nick Name, a familiar or humorous name given to the individual by friends or relatives. These hides and skins are collected daily with own trucks and transported to the warehouse in Moeskroen for further processing. The textile industry started in Mouscron in the 1760s thanks to the imposition by Lille of a ban on the fabrication of molletons, a mixture of flax and wool, in Roubaix and Tourcoing. Company / Employer The name of the company or the employer for the job. They were made by the studio of Jules Biesbroek. Wars of Religion (16th century). This value is the same as the first contact of type "Work Place". Mouscron town hall The town hall and the main square ( Grand Place ). The house of Picardy (Maison Picarde). In the 14th century, the Seigneury of Mouscron was eventually sold to a lord of Tournai, and in 1430, the Castle of the Counts ( Château des Comtes) became the lords manor, which can still be seen today.

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